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The Star Peninsula Beauty

by Rx beauty Group

Rx Beauty is a story of elegance, charm, and beauty. People want to be beautiful no matter century and no matter time. Rx Beauty believed in his fabulous destiny, in the lights, like on that evening of Norge in the winter of 2011. 

It is also a story about character, inner strength, confidence, independence, and joy. It is something we can truly rely on, it is what makes us beautiful from inside. 

In essence, what we offered was a change of perspective and the way to look at elegance and femininity. Our C.E.O. challenged the society that was ready to accept this challenge. The  perception as the "change" became one whole with elegance and wellness.


RX Beauty是一個關於優雅、魅力和美麗的故事。人們對美麗的追求跨越了世紀和時間。RX Beauty相信自己在星光下神話般的命運,有如2011年冬天在挪威的那個夜晚。


RX Beauty也是個關於個性、內在力量、自信、獨立和快樂的故事。這是我們自身真正能夠信賴的本質,它讓我們從內而外變得更美麗。



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